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Fishing for shad usually kicks off around the first of June and runs through the month of July. Limits of 40 to 50 fish per day are not uncommon. These fish pack a huge fight and are very acrobatic, often caught on ultra light rods and tackle. I like to fish until people are fished out. While only fishing a couple rods and not being able to keep up with the net, it's exciting and fun for the whole family. It's one of those days that you may only fish for couple hours and catch more fish than you want to clean. After the shad fishing I encourage my clients to take advantage of going and catching an oversize sturgeon using one of the shad that you just caught for bait. Hooking five oversize sturgeon per day isn't uncommon when the shad are in the river system. Most shad run from 3 to 5lbs and fight like an 8lb salmon fresh out of the ocean.

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